The Kerfuffle Of Travel…

Our generation does not know the pleasure of travel…We know the pleasure of arrival, but not the pleasure of the act of traveling!

I tolerate the kerfuffle of travel!

But it helps to have a nice hotel room to arrive at after all the travel drama.

Schlepping Bags...We couldn't sign-up for Disney Express service!


Part of our latest trip involved the direct Eurostar

London-to-Disneyland Resort Paris.

Of course, we wore our “Mouse Ears” that Susan had made for us…

It pays to have a family member who works at Disney!!!!

Yay, Susan!!!

St Pancras Eurostar Station in London


Note our names on the back of our "Mouse Ears".

Disney’s PhotoPass Guy joined us on our adventures this trip…He was itching to travel!

PhotoPass Guy trying on "Mouse Ears"

PhotoPass Guy's behind shot!







We are all kids at heart, therefore, we all had to have a Disney Kids’ Pack!

There's that PhotoPass Guy, again!



The approach to the DLRP Hotel, entrance off to the right.


Boy, am I glad that I remembered the comment on forum that there was a SPECIAL CHECK-IN DESK  for THE CASTLE CLUB floor!

That comment alone saved us 30-45 minutes at registration.  Before queuing up at the registration desk in the Main Lobby, I went to the concierge and asked if this was the correct area to register for The Castle Club.  The concierge personally escorted us to the special registration area for The Castle Club and introduced us to the concierge that would handle our registration.  The Castle Club concierge was very friendly and helpful and explained the perks of  The Castle Club.


Very nice!


These perks included:  A VIP FastPass for the rides in the Parks, a free breakfast buffet, and access to the Castle Club Lounge with free drinks during the day and free Afternoon Tea.

The Castle Lounge with Goofy




Close-up of the Dancing Hippos bath tiles.


The fabulous bath

Our room was a Parkview room overlooking Mainstreet with a amazing view of THE CASTLE!!!

The view from our balcony!


One of the parades was ending as we got to our room.


More about the parades and the Park in later posts!

Our room as seen from the Park. That top balcony was sweet!


The big picture!


Drop the bags and head into the Park.  So much to see and do!  Must look at souvenirs, pins, and jackets!

Inside the last!!!


That’s all for today…it will take me several posts to do DLRP justice!

Next up…The Castle!

(TO BE CONTINUED………………………………..)

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